Icelandic Biscornu

Biscornu from traditional Icelandic design


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 14.39.07.png

For PDF: Icelandic Biscornu


Oseberg Textile Fragment/ More Norse Textiles

I charted a woven textile fragment from the Oseberg ship find. I’m thinking I want to use it as the basis for a fair isle scarf when I find the time.

Charting this piece was a lesson in how widely artist’s reconstruction of Norse textiles really vary.  My designs turned out widely different depending on which water color rendering I looked at while charting.

Oseberg Textile Fragments

For PDF of Oseberg textile fragments see: Oseberg Textile Fragments

12th century German Motifs

I charted designs from a 12th century German stole.

German motifs 2

For pdf of 12th century German knotwork motifs: German motifs

The knotwork is of the same style as Norse knotwork motifs. Two of the designs here also appear in Norse textiles.  The stole was worked in chain stitch. This is how the designs are laid out on the stole:

South German Stole 2

Charted Norse Motifs

Last weekend I did an internet search for ancient Norse designs for cross stitch but only was able to find modern designs using Norse symbols.  These did not have the folksy appearance that I like,  so I pulled up images of ancient/medieval Norse/Viking woven textiles and charted my own Norse motifs.  These can be used for knitting or cross stitch.


For PDF files (3 pages): NorseMotifs1NorseMotifs2, NorseMotifs3

Norse Cross Cross Stitch Pattern

In anticipation of the Easter season, I created this design from motifs I charted from ancient Norse woven textiles.  I based the design of the cross from a tiny cross without knotwork found in one of the Overhogdal tapestries.


For PDF of pattern: NorseCross

For pictures of the Overhogdal tapestries, check out the Overhogdal tourism site at

Celtic Knot Biscornu Cross Stitch Patterns


For PDF of above pattern: celticknotbiscornu


For PDF of above pattern: Norse_Knot_biscornu2

For some while I have been looking for Celtic knot designs with a folk embroidery feel rather than a modern one.  Last weekend I stumbled across some Norse woven tapestries with some really interesting knotwork and charted the designs.  I then started putting the designs together to turn them into something new.  I came up with a couple of biscornu patterns.  Biscorns make great pin cushions and are really fun to make. I think I will be making these for holiday gifts next year.

For assembly instructions, please see Remember, when you are making a biscornu, you need to make two squares of the same embroidered pattern.  It is essential that the two squares are exactly the same size.